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EuropePress seminar: European Media Freedom Act and Digital Services Act | News

Press seminar: European Media Freedom Act and Digital Services Act | News

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The seminar on the “European Media Freedom Act and Digital Services Act: protecting media freedom in a safe online world” is organised in cooperation with the EuropeanNewsRoom.

Sabine Verheyen (EPP, DE), Chair of the Committee on Culture and Education (CULT) and rapporteur on the European Media Freedom Act (EMFA), will present the Culture Committee’s draft report, due to be confirmed by Parliament during the 2-5 October 2023 plenary session, ahead of talks with Council.

Christel Schaldemose (S&D, DK), member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) and rapporteur on the Digital Services Act (DSA) will explain the new obligations under this legislation that has recently entered into force for large platforms.

The MEPs will also clarify how the two bills complement each other to promote media freedom, democratic participation, and curb disinformation.

WHEN: Tuesday, 26 September at 10:15 CEST

WHERE: Online via Interactio and in person in the European Parliament Anna Politkovskaya press conference room (SPAAK 0A50) in Brussels

Interpretation will be available in EN, DE, FR and DK.

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