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OpinionDr. Elseddik Haftar in Europe, A Diplomatic Offensive Focused on the Fight...

Dr. Elseddik Haftar in Europe, A Diplomatic Offensive Focused on the Fight Against Terrorism

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Dr. Elseddik Haftar, a fervent defender of the “fight against terrorism,” deploys a communications strategy to establish his political influence on an international scale. After a stopover in Paris on September 10, he headed to the European Parliament in Strasbourg where he gave a speech. He also met personalities and European deputies. Subsequently, on September 12, he flew to Brussels.

Commitment against illegal immigration and terrorism:

Dr. Elseddik Haftar takes a firm position on the crucial issues of the fight against illegal immigration and terrorism, subjects of major concern for the European Union. In this capacity, he speaks at the Press Club Brussels Europe during a conference on these themes.

Following the disaster linked to the floods in Libya which left thousands dead and missing, Dr. Elseddik Haftar left Belgium during the press conference to return to his country.

Mediterranean Storm Daniel caused severe flooding in the Al Jabal Al Akhdar region in eastern Libya. The authorities in the east of the country announce thousands of victims and missing people, including at least 2,000 dead. The toll only grows heavier by the hour. Dr. Elseddik Haftar’s tour in Europe demonstrates his desire to consolidate his political weight by highlighting his commitment to the fight against terrorism. His exchanges with influential figures in Europe underline the importance of cooperation between Libya and the European Union to face these crucial challenges.

Originally published at Almouwatin.com

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