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NewsUkraine: President Zelensky Salutes the Spirit of a Free Nation on Independence...

Ukraine: President Zelensky Salutes the Spirit of a Free Nation on Independence Day

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On the occasion of Ukraine’s Independence Day, President Volodymyr Zelensky took a moment to extend his wishes to the people of Ukraine.

In a statement, he expressed, “Today is a special day for the great people of Ukraine as we celebrate our Independence Day! It is an occasion that represents our freedom, strength, dignity, and equality.”

President Zelensky’s heartfelt message deeply resonated with the significance of this day as he honored “the people of Ukraine who are celebrating this grand day; Independence Day! It is a celebration of our spirit and unwavering determination.” Thursday, August 24th marked the commemoration of Ukraine’s Independence Day. Through his statement, President Zelensky paid tribute to the indomitable spirit of his nation.

In his address the Ukrainian president expressed gratitude towards segments of society including soldiers and their families. He also acknowledged educators, doctors, nurses and all those who contribute to “Ukraines defense” in light of aggression. Furthermore President Zelensky emphasized the importance of those who have shown resilience amidst occupation by acknowledging that 20% of Ukrainian territory remains under Moscows control ” despite Kievs steadfast resolve to regain control, over these eastern and southern regions.

Ukrainian Army Commander in Chief Valery Zaloujny joined in expressing admiration praising Ukraine as “a land of heroic and courageous individuals.”

At the time Ukrainian Military Intelligence Chief Kyrylo Boudanov communicated a message of unity on Telegram stating that their common objective is to achieve victory and their shared dream is to establish an independent peaceful, secure and prosperous future.

Vassyl Maliouk, the head of the Ukrainian Security Service echoed the nations resilience by asserting that Ukraine remains strong despite the invasion in February 2022.

As Maliouk aptly put it Independence Day has evolved into more than a celebration of our right to life and freedom; it has become a symbol of heroism and bravery that signifies our unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

This years Independence Day celebration coincides with Kievs counter offensive since June as they strive to reclaim territories still occupied by Russia. The Ukrainian people remain steadfast in their commitment, to liberation and progress.

As Ukraine commemorates its Independence Day President Zelensky’s words reflect the nations enduring spirit. Unwavering dedication to overcoming challenges forging ahead and securing a brighter future of freedom.

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