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AfricaThe African Civil Society Forum for Democracy Vigorously Condemns the Military Coup...

The African Civil Society Forum for Democracy Vigorously Condemns the Military Coup in Niger

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Rabat – Mr. Hammouch Lahcen, President of the African Civil Society Forum for Democracy, expresses his deepest concern and strongly condemns the recent military coup in Niger.

We firmly believe in the primacy of democracy and the need to respect the will of the people, expressed through free and fair elections. President Bazoum, democratically elected by the people of Niger, embodies this will and represents the hope of a stable and prosperous future for the country.

The African Civil Society Forum for Democracy urges the perpetrators of the coup to cease their actions immediately and to respect the fundamental principles of democracy. We fear that any attempt to overthrow the elected government will lead Niger down the path of anarchy and instability, with disastrous consequences for the people of Niger and the region as a whole.

We call on the international community to strongly condemn this coup d’état and to support efforts to restore democracy and constitutional order in Niger. We also call on regional and world leaders to work together to find a peaceful and lasting solution to this critical situation.

The African Civil Society Forum for Democracy calls on all Nigerien citizens to remain united and reject all forms of violence. We believe in the power of dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution to preserve peace and stability on our beloved African continent.

For further information, please contact

Lahcen Hammouch – [email protected]

About the African Civil Society Forum for Democracy: The African Civil Society Forum for Democracy is an organization dedicated to the promotion of democracy, human rights and transparent governance across the African continent. Founded on the principles of dialogue, respect and cooperation, the Forum works for a peaceful and prosperous future for all African citizens.

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