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EnvironmentNetherlands, Storm Poly Disrupts Air Travel at Schiphol Airport, 100s of Flights...

Netherlands, Storm Poly Disrupts Air Travel at Schiphol Airport, 100s of Flights Affected

NL-Alert Issued for Noord-Holland

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NL-Alert Issued for Noord-Holland

Storm Poly unleashed chaos upon air travel operations at Schiphol Airport, resulting in significant disruptions for hundreds of flights to and from Amsterdam on Wednesday. As the storm continued to intensify throughout the morning, the number of flight delays and cancellations escalated, causing frustration among travellers.

To keep residents informed and safe, the Dutch government promptly issued three NL-Alert bulletins to residents of Noord-Holland province around 9 a.m., providing essential updates in both Dutch and English.

Situated within Noord-Holland province, Schiphol Airport faced the brunt of the extreme weather conditions caused by Storm Poly. The NL-Alert message urgently advised residents to prioritize their safety by staying indoors and emphasized that the emergency number 112 should only be dialled in life-threatening situations.

Meteorologists had predicted powerful wind gusts of up to 120 kilometres per hour across the entire country, with southern regions expected to experience gusts of up to 90 kilometres per hour.

Throughout Wednesday morning, Schiphol Airport’s website encountered intermittent accessibility issues, making it challenging for travellers to obtain real-time information. A prior warning issued by Schiphol Airport on Tuesday had already alerted passengers to the impending delays and cancellations. In fact, even before the storm made landfall, KLM alone had proactively cancelled more than 200 flights in anticipation of the severe weather conditions. The airport management, in a statement, highlighted the expected combination of strong winds, heavy rainfall, and poor visibility, which would severely hamper air traffic between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., leading to a cascade of further cancellations and delays for both incoming and outgoing flights.

In a recent update, Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control organization, warned of significant delays due to adverse wind conditions. As a result, arriving flights were regulated to ensure safe operations. According to the latest NOTAM bulletin addressed to pilots, it was projected that normal flight operations at Schiphol Airport and the surrounding airspace would not resume until 5 p.m. Given these circumstances, airlines were strongly advised to proactively cancel flights in accordance with the situation.

Despite the turmoil, some regional airports managed to mitigate the impact of Storm Poly. At Eindhoven Airport, the first five arriving flights were fortunate enough to land relatively on schedule, providing a glimmer of relief for passengers. Only two subsequent flights experienced minor delays during the morning.

Similarly, Rotterdam The Hague Airport remained relatively unaffected, with no significant disruptions reported. However, British Airways decided to cancel its roundtrip service between the regional airport and London City, recognizing the need for caution during the prevailing weather conditions.

Storms Netherlands Netherlands, Storm Poly Disrupts Air Travel at Schiphol Airport, 100s of Flights Affected
Number of severe storms (minimum wind force 10), per month since 1910 | Storm Poly is the first ‘very severe’ summer storm (minimum wind force 11) ever in the Netherlands

Maastricht Aachen Airport, with only a one-morning departure scheduled, successfully took off on time, evading the chaos caused by Storm Poly. Additionally, no delays were announced for the two departing flights or the arrivals scheduled for the afternoon and evening, offering a sense of respite for those utilizing the airport’s services.

As Storm Poly continued to rampage across the region, travellers were advised to stay updated with the latest information and adhere to any instructions or alerts issued by authorities. It is crucial to remain patient and understanding during such challenging circumstances, as safety remains the top priority for both airlines and airports. Keep track of the developing situation and consult official sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

In conclusion, Storm Poly’s impact on air travel at Schiphol Airport caused widespread flight cancellations and delays, affecting hundreds of passengers. The Dutch government promptly issued NL-Alert messages for Noord-Holland province, urging residents to prioritize their safety.

While Schiphol Airport faced significant disruptions, other regional airports like Eindhoven, Rotterdam The Hague, and Maastricht Aachen managed to navigate the storm with relative success. Stay informed, exercise patience, and prioritize safety during this challenging time.

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