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EuropeThe future of North Macedonia is in the EU, say the European...

The future of North Macedonia is in the EU, say the European Socialists

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Executive Secretary General of the Party of European Socialists (PES), Giacomo Filibeck, met yesterday with the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Dimitar Kovacevski.

Meeting in Skopje, Executive Secretary General Filibeck and the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Kovacevski discussed the current situation and challenges in the country, as well as the country’s next steps on its European path.

PES Executive Secretary General Filibeck commended the concrete actions the government is taking to secure the opportunities of a European future. He conveyed the full support of the PES for the government and its efforts to achieve its strategic goal of full EU membership. He welcomed the continued good progress on the screening process, where a candidate to become an EU member state assesses its current alignment with EU law.

The meeting further took stock of the positive reforms that have been made in North Macedonia. It was assessed that the implementation of reform processes and the existence of awareness by all political actors for the smooth adoption of constitutional amendments are necessary as a guarantee to ensure a smooth entry into the EU, as this is the expectation of the citizens.

Both Executive Secretary General Filibeck and the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia DimitarKovacevski used the opportunity of the meeting to restate their joint belief that the future of North Macedonia is in the European Union. This historic opportunity – ensuring a better quality of life for all citizens – must not be missed.

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