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Tuesday, November 28, 2023
DefenseEpisode 6: Fishing for a Better Future

Episode 6: Fishing for a Better Future

Hosts Grace Evans and Lauren Young explore some of the solutions suggested throughout the series for addressing IUU fishing. As climate change alters the nature of IUU activity, those charged with responding also need to adapt. Some of the proposed solutions require the involvement of law enforcement agencies, while others will need a broader global effort.

Part One: Themes and Concepts

In Part One, Grace and Lauren are joined by experts from around the world to discuss the role that local communities and major importers have in tackling IUU fishing.

Part Two: The Deep Dive

In Part Two, Grace and Lauren are joined by Kevin He and Barbara Hutniczak to take a deeper look at what action is needed if we are to effectively address IUU fishing in a warming world.

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