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InternationalIn China, 7.7 million people applied for 200,000 government jobs

In China, 7.7 million people applied for 200,000 government jobs

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Chinese youth took the exam for civil service positions this year, amid rising youth unemployment.

Government jobs are usually considered lucrative in China. The move to public office came shortly after Xi Jinping won the position of China’s leader for an unprecedented third term.

Before him, the unity is in the eyes of the dominant Chinese Communist Party. This means that the party will increase the activity in the economy, including in front of the business.

Millions of citizens seeking civil service must take the Chinese Civil Service Exam, which begins to run for the Chinese People’s Republic of China before the end of the year.

The modified exam consists of two parts, which includes the writing of an essay, called “šen lun” or “concrete writing and protection of the argument”.

The text includes, among other things, the current report of the National Committee of the Communication Ministry of China and other rules and warnings. The exam covers and tests language skills, data analysis, quantitative methods, “assessment and reasoning” and “health assessment”.

The state increases the rate of sales at the national level by about 15% to 20%, so it is necessary to put on the insurance policy.

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