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NewsChilean Bishop: Wide turnout at referendum shows wish for unity - Vatican...

Chilean Bishop: Wide turnout at referendum shows wish for unity – Vatican News

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By Benedetta Capelli

The voting consultation in Chile saw wide popular participation at close to 62 percent of voters. Some seven million Chileans voted against the amendment while 38 percent, 4.2 million, voted in favor of the text. President Gabriel Boric reacted by saying he is ready to resume the path of dialogue in agreement with Parliament.

Bishops: Time for reflection

The country’s bishops said the national referendum calls for reflection, especially given the wide turnout. Auxiliary Bishop of Santiago, Chile, Alberto Lorenzelli, underscored this point when describing his reaction in an interview with Vatican News answering the following questions.

What is your reaction with respect to Sunday’s vote?

We are very happy about the wide participation of the people in taking part actively in this vote. But most of all we are happy with what this reflects about the soul of the Chilean people who want unity, who want fraternity, who want to overcome conflicts, who want to see a country at peace where people come together again to overcome violence, overcome divisions, and have a Constitution that responds to the sentiments of all.

What is the social situation like in Chile right now?

The social situation Chile is experiencing is concerned with the presence of violent groups that do not respect work or city life. This upsets matters and causes suffering. We hope that now with the outcome of the voting there will be a moment of reflection for everyone, even for all these groups that do not identify with the outcome of this referendum. It is important that we seek unity, respect for people, and that violence and destruction not have the upper hand in the life of the country.

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