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DefenseMorocco handed over the T-72B tanks to Kyiv

Morocco handed over the T-72B tanks to Kyiv

Morocco handed over T-72B tanks to Kyiv, which were modernized in the Czech Republic. This was reported on the Menadefense website.

About 20 tanks have already been sent to the war zone.

The article notes that the decision for this delivery was made under pressure during the April negotiations at the Ramstein base in Germany.

This meeting was attended by Morocco and Tunisia.

According to Menadefense data, in 1999-2000 the Moroccan army purchased 148 T-72 tanks from Belarus, as well as 136 T-72B and 12 T-72BK.

A day earlier, French President Emmanuel Macron, asked about the possibility of Paris supplying Kyiv with Leclerc tanks, said that “nothing is impossible”.

We remind you that in July 2015, the Ukrainian state company Ukroboronservis also turned to Morocco with a request for spare parts for its T-72 tanks. The French publication Le Journal de l’Afrique reported that Washington had managed to convince Morocco to supply Ukraine with components for the armored vehicles “under conditions of the strictest secrecy”. According to the weekly’s sources, US diplomacy is expanding its operations to obtain arms for Ukraine from Africa.

Illustrative photo: Two T-72B tanks at the Chebarkul training ground, Russia, April 2017.

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