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NewsChina showed off its first cloned horse

China showed off its first cloned horse

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A cloned horse – the first of its kind born in China, which is expected to open up new opportunities for the country’s equestrian sector – has been unveiled in Beijing, AFP reported.

Cloning of race or thoroughbred horses has already been practised in several countries since the early 2000s, especially for the purpose of genetic improvement.

Born in June last year to a surrogate mother, Zhuang Zhuang, it was created at the Sinojin Laboratory in Beijing with materials from Germany. He is the first “warmblood” horse born in China and officially licensed by the China Horse Industry Association. Warmblood is an official classification for breeds of light horses with a lively temperament, specifies BTA.

Cloning can help reduce the cost of breeding and raising horses. The production of horses in China through cloning should reduce dependence on expensive horse imports and thus facilitate Chinese equestrian sport.

The world’s first cloned horse was born in Italy in 2003.

Chinese animal cloning companies have made significant progress, with technologies already developed for sheep, cows, pigs, dogs and cats.

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