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U.S. Urgent Announcement Regarding Confronting Iran’s Threats to Target Bases in Saudi Arabia

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Lahcen Hammouch
Lahcen Hammouchhttps://www.facebook.com/lahcenhammouch
Lahcen Hammouch is a Journalist. Director of Almouwatin TV and Radio. Sociologist by the ULB. President of the African Civil Society Forum for Democracy.

Saudi Arabia and America
Saudi Arabia and America

Last Tuesday, the United States National Security Council confirmed that the United States is in constant contact with Saudi Arabia to deal with threats from Iran.
A spokesperson for the United States National Security Council said the United States was concerned about Iran’s threats against Saudi Arabia and would not hesitate to respond if necessary.
“We are concerned about the threats and we remain in constant contact with Saudi Arabia through military and intelligence channels… We will not hesitate to act to defend our interests and our partners in the region,” added the spokesperson.
Last Monday, the US envoy to Iran, Robert Malley, confirmed that Washington supports peaceful protests in Iran.
And he added: “When (US) President Joe Biden appointed me to my post, the objective was to unify the European position on Iran and prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons. »
He stressed that “Iran’s possession of a nuclear weapon will make the world less secure.”
While stressing that Biden “prefers diplomacy” with Iran, “but he will discuss the military option if diplomacy fails to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons”.

Hammouch lahcen

Originally published at Almouwatin.com

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