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Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch is increasingly up, and the people are increasingly down

Lahcen Hammouch
Lahcen Hammouchhttps://www.facebook.com/lahcenhammouch
Lahcen Hammouch is a Journalist. CEO Bruxelles-Média. Sociologist by the ULB.

Akhannouch follows the same reasoning as that of Andrej Babis in the Czech Republic, as leaders who have used their positions to reap additional wealth, while their people suffer from poverty, unemployment and social fragility.

By the time Akhannouch’s wealth had grown to astronomical figures, his personal fortune was estimated at $2 billion, by Forbes, making him one of the richest men in Morocco, the poverty rate recorded a significant increase, reaching 12.3% last year, and the rate of fragility in the Kingdom has doubled and class and social inequalities have doubled there, and Morocco is experiencing a deep social crisis, which has manifested in the declaration of the highest authority In the country, the development model that has been in place for decades is dying, and many statistics highlight the great differences between the regions of the Kingdom, whether at the level employment, unemployment, industrial and tourist fabric, or infrastructures, which produces a map of the imbalances between the regions, which have repercussions on the social aspect of the country.

Many negative social phenomena have also spread in the Kingdom, including the spread of homeless children or so-called “street children” in several Moroccan cities in large numbers, where hundreds of children are scattered on the sides of the streets. streets, under cars or parked cars, inside abandoned houses, near restaurants And in public gardens they lie on the ground and cover the sky, because there is not enough shelter nor homes for them.

The street is the only and necessary refuge for thousands of children between the ages of 5 and 15, and this phenomenon is no longer limited only to boys, but also to girls, and this means that there will be children again and again. who will be born in the streets in the future.

In the latest United Nations Human Development Index report, which included 189 countries, the Kingdom of Morocco came in late after ranking 121st globally, and the report published by the United Nations Development Program development in November 2021 was based on several indicators, the most important of which are health, education and poverty, life expectancy and income per capita.

#Dégage_Akhannouch, a very great companion on social networks as a way of anger against the high cost of living focuses on the head of government. Internet users criticize Aziz Akhannouch for his inaction in the face of the high cost of living, while accusing him of profiting from the global economic crisis and the war in Ukraine through his hydrocarbon distribution company, Afriquia, the first in Morocco. .
The initiators of the “Akhannouch get out” campaign also denounce the silence of the head of government and his failure in the management of what they describe as a “crisis”.

Will Aziz Akhannouch pull through as usual or will he throw down the gloves and abandon ship for an unknown destination?

Lahcen Hammouch

Originally published at Almouwatin.com

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