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Alexander De Croo addresses youth during his speech at COP27: “Be part of the solution with us”

Lahcen Hammouch
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Alexander De Croo called on the younger generation, Tuesday at COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, “to be part of the solution” in the fight against global warming, as the actions of climate activists multiply across the world. Europe, aiming at iconic buildings or works of art.

Alexander De Croo addresses youth during his speech at COP27: “Be part of the solution with us”

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On 11/8/2022 at 3:31 p.m. Updated on 08/11/2022 at 22:05

In his speech on Tuesday afternoon, on the occasion of the summit of Heads of State and Government at COP27, Mr. De Croo addressed young people in particular: “Be part of the solution with us. We need you. Go study science and above all: build coalitions, build partnerships. Get in touch with people with different ideas, because that’s when the real change happens,” suggested the Belgian Prime Minister.

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Building bridges between business and civil society

Alexander de Croo met young Belgian activists at COP27 on Monday “who know they have to look beyond slogans”, he explained. Young people who understand that government cannot act alone. “That progress is not imposed from top to bottom but co-created between partners. Between governments and the private sector. Between business and civil society. »

Moreover, Belgium came to this COP “with a large delegation from the private sector” because companies “are putting great solutions on the table”, in terms of offshore wind power, green energy, “to protect us against rising sea levels” and even “to turn the driest desert back into an oasis”, continued the Prime Minister.

“Fight for our survival”

According to Mr. De Croo, the fight against climate change is “a fight for our survival but also for the safeguard of social cohesion”. “The last thing we need in the fight against climate change is more polarization,” he said, deeming it necessary to be ambitious but also “to keep everyone on board” as the consequences of the Climate change and the policies to deal with it affect certain categories of the population more, such as farmers, less isolated apartment tenants or small family businesses.

“He always and easy to destroy. Building and cherishing is much more difficult,” concluded the Belgian Prime Minister, quoting the late Queen Elizabeth II.


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