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CultureIn Ukraine, a petition for a transition to the Latin alphabet proposed

In Ukraine, a petition for a transition to the Latin alphabet proposed

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A petition has been registered in Ukraine with a proposal for the transition of the Ukrainian alphabet from Cyrillic to Latin, according to a reference on the official website of the country’s head of state.

“Please consider the possibility of switching the Ukrainian alphabet to the Latin alphabet within the framework of the modern English alphabet. There are enough reasons for such a transition and they are obvious,” the text of the petition reads.

To be considered by the head of state, it must collect 25,000 signatures.

The idea was previously popularized by the Secretary of the National Security Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov. According to him, the rejection of the Cyrillic alphabet should be widely discussed in the country, but then this idea was perceived negatively.

After the start of the war in February, the idea of ​​a transition to the Latin script gained popularity again. The secretary of the National Security and Defense Council spoke out against the use of the Russian language in the country, saying that it “should disappear from the territory of Ukraine altogether” and that English and Ukrainian should be compulsory.

At the moment, there is also a petition demanding a legal ban on the broadcasting of Russian films in the country and a restriction on the distribution of Russian literature.

Photo by Arash Asghari on Unsplash

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