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DefenseLiechtenstein doesn't have an army, but it has a historic victory with...

Liechtenstein doesn’t have an army, but it has a historic victory with it

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

Liechtenstein is a small country left entirely to the locals. In the last year, the number of tourists did not exceed more than 60 thousand people. This is strange, especially since it is said to be one of the largest and most beautiful museums of modern art – yes it is a challenge for most people to understand what the artists are trying to say, but still. It is strange that this country can be visited in only two hours from Zurich, and since its area is not that big, there is room for everyone, and tourists can enjoy a real beauty.

Liechtenstein exists as one of the smallest countries in Europe. It has a length of 24 kilometers from end to end and is about 12 kilometers in width. In practically a day, a person can create a bicycle race for the Tour of Liechtenstein and see everything necessary. The country is located in the valley between Austria and Switzerland. The rulers are Austrian, but the currency is Swiss.

It allowed women to vote in 1984 and was the last country in history to enact this law. Their national stadium can only hold 6,127 people. The curious thing is that people arrive here who are very happy to register their companies. After all, Liechtenstein has more companies than population. The capital has a population of only 5,000 people. However, it has art from all over the world, making it quite an interesting place to explore.

Liechtenstein has another positive – it offers one of the most beautiful views of Austria, as well as several ski resorts. At the outbreak of World War II, Liechtenstein had no army. Prince Franz Joseph II met with Hitler in Berlin and managed to negotiate the country’s neutrality. After the end of the war, about 500 whiteguards will request asylum. Joseph II refused to hand them over to Stalin, despite his insistence. And right here comes one of the funniest moments in Liechtenstein’s fighting history.

The only time this tiny country ever fought was way back in 1866. The Austro-Prussian War was raging and with Liechtenstein on the way, it stands to reason that it would have to defend itself. About 80 soldiers were sent to guard the Tyrolean border. After fulfilling their duty, the soldiers are now 81. They have no losses, and what is even more amusing is that they manage to befriend one person who decides to sign up as a volunteer. That is, the army increases by one more person. It turns out that the army, or rather the humble detachment, managed to avoid all kinds of battles.

Liechtenstein even leaves 20 men in the army reserve. The humble squad reaches the limit and realizes that there’s not much they can do. No one even thought of fighting Lichtenstein, and with morale already high and the beauty of the mountain beckoning, the gentlemen simply decided to drink wine and beer, smoke pipes, and relax. Meanwhile, the Prussians will continue to wage war, but far from it.

The 81st man is believed to be an Austrian officer, but in some other versions he is believed to be Italian. There are also claims that the man in question is a deserter who found the best army in the world. There is no evidence of man’s origins, but despite this, Lichtenstein’s entire military campaign is considered a resounding success.

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