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NewsCEC trains Belgian churches in safety and security

CEC trains Belgian churches in safety and security

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Church leaders from Belgium received training to ensure safety and security in religious communities. The training was conducted by the Conference of European Churches (CEC) as part of its European Commission-funded project Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe (SASCE).

The event was held on 15 September at the Koekelberg Basilica in Brussels.

CEC Executive Secretary for Human Rights Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic conducted the briefing and training for the participants, sharing more about the SASCE project.

Guidelines for the protection of worship places meant for religious leaders, staff and worshippers were distributed. The materials were in French and Dutch.

“We welcome this very unique project,” said Rev. Steven Fuite, president of the Synod of the United Protestant Church in Belgium. “Through this project churches together with other religious communities get an opportunity to report violations of religious freedom to the European institutions, and other relevant organisations dealing with a hate crime,” he added.  

The participants also reflected on the terrorist attacks carried out by the Islamic State in Brussels airport and Maelbeek metro station in 2016, as well as on Jewish Museum in Brussels in 2014.

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