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CultureYellow flowers: what do they symbolize and whom to give?

Yellow flowers: what do they symbolize and whom to give?

Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

When we look at a certain color, we make associations with certain objects, emotions. It has long been believed that the yellow bouquet is a sign of hatred, but where do these prejudices come from and is the yellow color in bouquets so dangerous? Let’s debunk the myths. What do yellow flowers symbolize? When we talk about yellow, the first thing that comes to mind is the sun, and also gold, wheat ears, autumn leaf, candle flame. According to visual sensations – the color is warm. The emotions associated with it are positive. As you can see, there is nothing sinister about it. And yet, someone’s perception of a yellow flower as a “harbinger of separation” should not become a lifelong stigma. It is not fair that an innocent flower should receive this stamp!

So, whether you believe these canons or not, see more to whom and for what reason you can give yellow flowers READ HERE!

A bouquet of yellow flowers for a loved one was given as a gift and what does this mean? There are many beliefs and stereotypes to which we become loyal worshippers, and alas, we do not even know who invented such canons and for what purpose.

Interestingly, many people believe that the color yellow symbolizes separation, betrayal, hatred, but the truth is that it is a cliché, which unfortunately has long since become a stereotype.

What do yellow flowers symbolize?

Regarding the language of flowers, not only the generally accepted meaning is taken into account, but also the plant itself.

We associate the yellow shade with warmth and sunshine, because spring flowers are mostly yellow. They come with the onset of the first warm days and bring us shock doses of joy, happiness, trust, care and love, after the long winter.

As a color familiar to us from autumn, yellow represents wisdom, family well-being, health and mature love.

If we associate yellow with gold, it speaks of wealth, prosperity, success, ambition and intelligence.

And yet, yellow bouquets are associated with problems in love. Where this comes from, see now:

What is the relationship with the breakup?

The skeptical perception of bouquets in yellow originates from pagan times. For example, the Slavs associated dark yellow with jealousy, betrayal, envy, fickleness. The golden yellow was thought to evoke nobility and dignity, it was also taken to symbolize divinity and the sun.

Yellow roses

Roses symbolize friendship and happiness. They are sunny in color. If you present such a bouquet to your chosen one, it means that you demonstrate a desire to take care of her and admire her. The rose itself is an emblem of mature love and a prosperous family life.

Who to give yellow roses to:

Birthday friends and relatives.

For a married couple’s wedding anniversary.

To people with creative professions, for example Artists.

You can also give yellow roses to a beloved woman. They are a great way to ask for forgiveness or offer a fresh start.

Sun tulips

They are positive flowers, they bring happiness that is embedded in the bud. They are given to lovers and are a hint of tender feelings, a wish for luck, a greeting for an important date.

Who to gift to:

Girl on first date.

Sister, mother, grandmother, colleague, friend, teacher for March 8.

To demonstrate friendship, respect, add blue irises to tulips

Autumn chrysanthemums

In the Eastern world, chrysanthemums are a symbol of wealth, strength, health and longevity. Single-headed golden chrysanthemums given to a girl or soulmate mean reverent love, a desire to always be there.

Who to gift to:

Boss, business partner, colleague.

Teacher, teacher.

Beloved woman.

Such chrysanthemums look great in combination with other flowers or alone.

Golden gerbera

Yellow gerberas are a flower of happiness. They are like a big “chamomile” and outwardly resemble the sun. They emit light, warmth and create a feeling of kindness. It’s a universal gift. Gerbera is also commonly known as the African daisy.

Who to gift to:

They are suitable for any occasion and person for whom you have friendly feelings.

Yellow callа

Calla (Zantedeschia aethiopica, commonly known as calla lily and arum lily) is a benchmark for majestic beauty and grace. The flower is full of charm, charm and looks solemn. It is considered a talisman of family happiness and represents success and wealth.

Who to gift to:

To a beloved woman with a marriage proposal.

To a spouse.

For an anniversary.

Flowers for the beloved

As you have already learned, yellow flowers are not a threat. They can be given as a gift to anyone who loves sunny bouquets. Still, if you think your girlfriend will misinterpret the bouquet, accompany it with warm words of tenderness and acknowledgment.

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