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InternationalThe new Russian space station

The new Russian space station

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The Rocket and Space Corporation “Energy” (part of Roscosmos) for the first time shows a model of a prospective Russian orbital station at the “Army-2022” forum, reports TASS on 15th of August.

The layout shows the station immediately on the second stage. It assumes in orbit not only the base, science and power, hub and gateway modules, but also the target, production modules, as well as the service platform.

The model also shows the jumped Eagle spacecraft, as well as the Soyuz and Progress spacecraft.

In July, the head of Roscosmos, Yuri Borisov, in a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that a decision had been made to withdraw Russia from the International Space Station after 2024, and all obligations to partners would be fulfilled.

He noted that by the time the Russian Federation withdraws from the ISS project, the formation of the Russian Orbital Station (ROS) will begin. Its assembly in space will begin in 2028

The “Army-2022” forum officially opens on August 15 and will continue until August 21. Within its framework, it is planned to hold 289 events in the “Patriot” park near Moscow, at the “Alabino” training ground, at the airport in Kubinka, as well as in all military districts and the Northern Fleet, in more than 30 regions of Russia. Military delegations from 72 countries will participate in the forum.

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