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HealthGermans occupied Bulgarian SPA resorts, they don't pay anything

Germans occupied Bulgarian SPA resorts, they don’t pay anything

Six medical and SPA centers in the country welcome tourists from Germany, whose restorative and rehabilitation procedures in Bulgaria are paid for by the German health insurance funds. Among the tourists there are Bulgarian citizens who work and secure themselves in Germany. Mitko Vassilev, chief manager of the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, announced this on August 21 for the “Horizon” program on the Bulgarian National Radio.

In September 2019, the German National Association of Health Insurance Funds expanded the list of 14 countries in which it recognizes the provision of medical and outpatient services for prevention. Now there is a need for a targeted campaign to popularize information about prevention opportunities in Bulgaria, stressed Mitko Vasilev:

“Germany has 16 federal states and it takes a lot of effort to spread this information, especially since there are 109 funds there, some of which are state funds, some of which are private funds, and our task is as much as possible to cover them and convince them that they can send their patients to Bulgaria”.

There are enough modern centers in our country that meet the requirements. On the lines of the Bulgarian Union of Balneology and Spa Tourism and the German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, consultations and training are offered to the sites in our country in order to increase their chances of receiving tourists from Germany. Together with the Ministry of Tourism, high-level meetings were held to promote the possibilities of Bulgarian medical and spa centers. Bulgaria’s competitive advantages are related to climate and nature, emphasized Mitko Vasilev.

Photo by Curtis Adams:

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