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Sunday, December 3, 2023
EconomyTurkey has discovered the second largest deposit of rare metals in the...

Turkey has discovered the second largest deposit of rare metals in the world

Type of an exclusive deposit of terrestrial elements in the central part of Anatolia, reported Daily Sabah. About the reserve, it claims to be the largest in the world. It is available after decades of research and observations, which are periodically reported, but for a long time do not seem to give definitive results.

The president of Turkey, R. Tayyip Epdogan, stated in front of the local media that the huge deposits of fossil elements are estimated to have reserves of around 694 million tons. It is at the melting point of the ice, China, where the largest deposit of trace elements is found, with reserves of 800 million tons. Precious metals are used in areas such as aviation, construction, chemical industry and biomedicine.

The mining company Eti Maden commented that initially around 1,200 tons of ore will be processed annually at the deposit. He expects this figure to reach 570,000 tons with a major investment in higher index production in the near future.

The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Typia Fatix Dunmez commented that it would be extremely cheap to mine the elements since the deposit is extremely close to the ground.

“Of the 17 artificial parent elements, we will be able to produce 10 of these,” he said.

The purchase will allow mass domestic production of the parent elements, which will be used primarily in the industry of Turkey, but also for export.

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