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NewsSASCE project presented at Fifth Annual Conference of the European Academy of...

SASCE project presented at Fifth Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion

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CEC Executive Secretary for Human Rights Dr Elizabeta Kitanovic presented about the Safer and Stronger Communities in Europe (SASCE) project at the Fifth Annual Conference of the European Academy of Religion, held in Bologna, from 20 to 23 June. She shared with the participants results from the SASCE project, stressing the need for more extensive legal, political and security protection of the holy sites and worship places in Europe, and around the world.

The session was moderated by Cole Durham and J. Reuben Clark, and among the presenters was H. E. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France. The session was held as part of the policy conversations, a two-day event at the European Academy of Religion in Bologna, that aims to feed into the work of the G20 Interfaith Forum and the UK Ministerial on International Religious Freedom which is planned to be held in London in July 2022.

The conversations brought together religious leaders, policy makers and academic experts, who identified new challenges and opportunities, reflecting on good practices and propose policy recommendations on several overarching themes including religion and security and religious cultural heritage, development and emerging geopolitical agendas.

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