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DefensePutin signed a law: 20 years in prison if you go over...

Putin signed a law: 20 years in prison if you go over to the enemy in war

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a federal law that equates crossing over to the enemy’s side during hostilities to treason, Gazeta.ru reports.

The Criminal Code introduces criminal liability in connection with the participation of Russian citizens in an armed conflict or military actions on the territory of a foreign country, when this is contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation.

Such an act carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

This penalty can also be applied in the case of espionage, as well as the transfer to a foreign country or a foreign organization of information that constitutes a state secret.

Earlier today, Putin also signed a law on the control of the activities of foreign agents, which comes into force on December 1 of this year. The law is about controlling the activities of persons who are under foreign influence.

Such people are prohibited from creative activity financed by the budget. They will no longer be allowed to provide environmental expertise and will not be recognized by employers’ associations and chambers of commerce and industry.

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