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CulturePutin legalized the creation of a Russian movement among children and youth

Putin legalized the creation of a Russian movement among children and youth

It is open to children over 6 years of age

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the law “On the Russian Movement of Children and Youth” yesterday, and the document was published on the official portal for legal information, TASS reported.

The creation of a Russian movement of children and youth is planned. Its legal status, the main principles and goals of its activity, its structure are determined, says the annotation to the law published on the website of the Federation Council.

Among the goals of this movement will be the promotion of state policy in the interest of children and youth, participation in the upbringing of children, their professional orientation, organization of children’s free time, the creation of opportunities for their all-round development and self-realization, preparation of children and youth for a fulfilling life in society, the accompanying documents say.

Participants of the movement can become children who have reached the age of 6, and the organization of their upbringing and recreation will be carried out by adult mentors.

In general, the law was prepared to ensure a unified state policy for the education of children and youth in educational organizations, associations, movements, communities and clubs, as well as to “build a continuous trajectory for their development based on the values ​​of Russian society.” , it also says in the annotation.

In April, Diana Krasovska, a student from the 54th Yuri Gagarin School in Sevastopol, proposed to Vladimir Putin to create a children’s movement that would unite children from all over Russia. Then the president said that he “needs to think about this subject”.

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