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ENTERTAINMENTNew Dance Track "It's Hot" Sizzles - Infusing Positive Energy

New Dance Track “It’s Hot” Sizzles – Infusing Positive Energy

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Artist Silk Releases “It’s Hot” Dance Track By Infusing Positive Energy With Sound For The Goal of Effecting Emotion

LONDON, ENGLAND, UK, July 21, 2022 – Classically trained musician and artist Silk had a vision… Use her many talents and creativity to write and produce music that makes a positive impact on people. As a lifelong positive thinker, Silk fully understands music’s ability to influence our emotions and the effects it has on our energy. Harnessing the beautiful aspects of sound, and focusing on how to create positive energy with various combinations.

"It's Hot", Silk, artist
“It’s Hot”, Silk, artist

Silk explained; “The song is about what makes you happy personally- about you and what you find attractive and ‘what floats your boat’. Take in this song and experience it. Feel free to apply it to your own personal journey. For example, in the song “Favorite Things” by Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music, the focus is her favorite things. It’s the same thing here. What do you find hot? What makes you happy? What would you like to see happen more and more for yourself? This song is all about the listener and their preferences. Just listen to the song and imagine whatever you want to be actually is, but above all else, feel happy. The energy contained in “It’s Hot” and its lyrics will support you and what you are feeling when you listen. Give it a try.

"It's Hot", Silk, artist
“It’s Hot”, Silk, artist

“From my early childhood, I have always been able to transmute and convert negativity into positive. That’s just how I am wired. It happens automatically. Visualize a bunch of arrows being thrown at you. Can you convert those arrows into flowers? What I do is something like that. As those arrows theoretically come toward you, if you are able to change them into flowers, then what’s created in the atmosphere is flowers, and is something good and beautiful. That’s what happened here, but with sound, for the purpose of happiness.”

"It's Hot", Silk, artist
“It’s Hot”, Silk, artist

Silk penned the lyrics and music, as well as produced and had the video for “It’s Hot” filmed. To enhance the music track and turn up the sizzle that’s behind “It’s Hot”, Silk filmed her visuals in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Silk, the meaning behind the first of her six new singles dropping in 2022 is simple; “Be happy and DANCE”. “It’s Hot” is light and the essence of dance. It’s easy to listen to and just be with the music. When you hear this track, you do not have to think too much, except to just be happy and feel light. Even if this song gives you a few seconds of happiness it’s done its job.

“Thunder God” is the next release coming from this modern day artist. Combining the essence and energy of nature with the power of sound is the next level creativity that will be dropping in the fall. Until then, the artist Silk hopes “It’s Hot” will surround you with positive energy, move you on the dance floor, and enable you to feel pure happiness.

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Silk – “It’s Hot” (Official Music Video)
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