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AfricaIsrael and Morocco, a new agreement on judicial cooperation

Israel and Morocco, a new agreement on judicial cooperation

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Israel and Morocco – In a move aimed at accelerating the pace of the normalization processes between Morocco and Israel under the “Abraham Accords”, a new agreement has been signed, including “legal cooperation” between the two sides.

Morocco Israel cooperation
Morocco Israel

In the Moroccan capital, Rabat, Israeli Justice Minister Gideon Saar and his Moroccan counterpart Abdellatif Wahbi signed a memorandum of understanding on “judicial cooperation”, the new agreement being part of the “relations of friendship and cooperation between the authorities in charge of justice in the two countries.

The website of the channel “i24news” said that Sa’ar signed a “joint declaration of judicial cooperation between the two countries” with his Moroccan counterpart, in order to modernise and digitise the judicial systems and cooperation between courts…

The site stressed that the signing of the agreement came with the aim of “strengthening cooperation that will contribute to the advancement of their professional activities”.

The channel quoted the Israeli minister as saying: “I see great importance in strengthening bilateral relations with Morocco in various political fields and in strengthening the dialogue between the governments of Israel and Morocco in all political fields”.

The head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, David Govrin, said that Moroccan Justice Minister Abdellatif Wahbi signed with his Israeli counterpart, Gideon Sa’ar, a “joint declaration of judicial cooperation between the two countries, to modernise and digitise the judicial systems”.

This comes a few days after the announcement of the decision to adopt certain guidelines to manage the affairs of the Jewish community inside and outside Morocco.

The Israeli Minister of Regional Cooperation, Issawi Freij, arrived a few days ago in Rabat, for a visit that included a meeting with Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita and Higher Education Minister Abdellatif Mirawi and other senior officials.

It was recently noted that Morocco, which joined the normalisation agreement known as the “Abraham Accords”, which was signed by the UAE and Bahrain with Israel at the end of 2020, has recently taken further steps to develop this agreement, signing numerous economic, security and military agreements, after exchanging ambassadors.

Last week, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, General Aviv Kochavi, visited Morocco, as part of the strengthening of military cooperation, during talks he had in Rabat with several senior officials of the kingdom. The two parties, including the sale by Morocco of Israeli drones.

He also announced during the visit that preparations were underway to build a strategic cooperation framework between the two armies, which represents a precedent, the first of its kind, between an Arab army and Israel.

In Rabat in November 2021, Defence Minister Benny Gantz signed a memorandum of understanding to regulate security relations with the Arab country, which included intelligence cooperation, the development of industrial ties, arms purchases and joint training.

The agreement provided for the easy acquisition by Morocco of high-tech Israeli security equipment, in addition to cooperation in operational planning and research and development.

first published in French at Almowatin

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