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EventsHitler‘s watch put up for auction

Hitler‘s watch put up for auction

Auction house Alexander Historical Auctions has put up for sale a watch that belonged to the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler.

It is reported by “European truth” (Evropeyskaya Pravda) with reference to The Times.

Auction house owner Bill Panagopoulos wants $2 million to $4 million for the lot. According to him, this thing has historical significance as evidence.

The owner of the auction house received Hitler’s watch from a distant relative of the French soldier who stole it from the old house of the leader of Nazi Germany in Bavaria in May 1945 – Robert Mignot.

According to legend, the soldiers of the French Panzer Division searched the house and did not find anyone there – but they found a network of tunnels and hiding places, in one of which the clock lay.

Mignot, upon his return from the war, sold the watch to a relative who passed it on to his descendants. In 2019, the great-grandson of a relative contacted the Panagopoulos auction house and offered to buy it.

The man says that Hitler hardly wore the watch often – he could not find photos with them, but “this does not mean that he never wore them to special events.”

Panagopoulos himself acquired the hat and blade of the German military officer responsible for the murders of the inhabitants of his father’s hometown in Greece.

In 2019, a Lebanese businessman bought items belonging to Adolf Hitler at an auction in Munich for a total of 600,000 EUR.

Photo: Alexander Historical Auctions

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