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EventsBulgarian Guardsmen led the parade on the Champs-Elysées

Bulgarian Guardsmen led the parade on the Champs-Elysées

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Bulgaria aired for the first time the vanguard of the military parade in Paris in honor of France’s National Holiday – Bastille Day. A representative military formation from the National Guard unit with the Bulgarian flag led the foot march down the Champs-Elysées from the Arc de Triomphe to the Place de la Concorde, where the soldiers were greeted with applause by President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Elisabeth Bourne and other officials . The Chief of Defense Admiral Emil Eftimov also took part in the celebration.

Representatives of many countries from the European Union and NATO marched behind our guardsmen. This year, special attention was shown by France to the countries in Eastern Europe. Therefore, behind the Bulgarian Guards, representative units from Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia could be seen. The aim was to demonstrate the unwavering commitment of partners and allies in the defense of peace and security, which includes strengthening the defensive and deterrent potential of the Eastern flank of the Alliance, the Ministry of Defense announced. This year’s parade motto is “Share the Flame,” which calls for unity amid world crises.

The French national holiday, celebrated on July 14, symbolizes the end of the absolute monarchy and is an emblem of national unity, the message recalls. Bastille Day has been celebrated every year since 1790. The storming of the prison fortress in 1789 is considered the symbolic beginning of the French Revolution.

A total of about 6,400 military personnel participate in the events, of which 5,000 march. Numerous equipment also took part, including 66 airplanes, 25 helicopters, 119 vehicles and combat vehicles, 62 motorcycles. Traditionally, the military parade is watched by about 8,000 people in the stands, as well as by 8 million viewers in front of the television screen and on the websites of the main French media.

A week before the celebrations began, Emmanuel Macron became the first president of the French Fifth Republic to fly aboard a plane of the Patrols de France, the aviation group known for its spectacular aerial displays during official celebrations in France. And this July 14, she signaled the start of the parade by flying over Paris. On July 8, Macron was in the Alpha Jet aircraft, which performs a leadership role during the patrol flights.

Photo: Four Bulgarian honor guards with the national flag were at the head of the parade of infantrymen from different countries in honor of the national holiday of France / Freeze frame from the screen

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