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CultureWhy do we wear the wedding ring on the ring finger?

Why do we wear the wedding ring on the ring finger?

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In many parts of the world, the ring finger is called the “ring finger” because it is worn on the wedding ring – it is believed that this is its purpose. This finger is so special that in ancient times it was also called “medical”. Some cultures believe it is magical. To this day, it is believed that in some places it hides magic. Look at your hand. If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you are a man. If your index finger is longer, you are a woman. The ring finger indicates the level of testosterone in the body. The longer he is, the more manly he is. If the nameless and the pointer are equal to you, this is not very good news for your sexuality. Since ancient times, people have noticed the relationship between the size of this finger and certain personality traits. In fact, these qualities were related to the level of testosterone in the body.

Today, there are scientific observations that show that people with a longer ring finger are better at math, decision-making, leadership, but also more aggressive. However, the ancients did not have the explanation we have now that the development of this finger in the embryo coincides with its sexual determination and that is why it is such a clear sign of testosterone levels. That’s why they wore a ring on their magic finger – because it meant status or commitment. So the ring finger is not only the most magical finger, but also much more important from a sexual point of view than the middle finger. There is a special connection between the veins of this finger and the heart, say Asians. Chinese belief is that we wear our wedding ring on one of these two fingers because they symbolize our loved one – our spouse. That the thumbs symbolize our parents, our index fingers our brothers and sisters, our middle finger symbolizes our own selves, and our little fingers symbolize our children. If we touch the tips of the five fingers of one hand with the tips of the corresponding five fingers of the other hand, we will see that in this position we can separate from each other and lift all pairs of fingers except the pair of ring fingers. Why? The beautiful and romantic Chinese explanation is that it means that wife and husband should be together forever, for better or worse.

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