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HealthWho mosquitoes bite most often

Who mosquitoes bite most often

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A Russian doctor claims that mosquitoes bite sweaty people more

An effective remedy against mosquito bites is more frequent bathing, and formic acid can help against stings during a trip to the woods or a stay on the beach, said doctor Alexei Khukhrev to the TV channel “Moscow 24”.

“Mosquitoes bite sweaty people much more often than those who do not sweat. They just feel the sweat in the distance and fly to the person,” said the specialist.

He claims that mosquitoes react to urea, which is released with sweat. To protect yourself from insect bites, you should take a shower more often in the summer, explains the therapist. In addition, while walking in the woods, the presence of an anthill nearby can help you deal with the problem.

“You take a rag and put it on it. On one side and on the other. Then you shake off the ants and you can rub yourself with the piece. And no mosquito will come near you, because formic acid is a very unpleasant smell for them,” the doctor concluded.

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