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CharitiesUkrainian soldier purchased Pinzgauer armored all-terrain vehicles for the Armed Forces of...

Ukrainian soldier purchased Pinzgauer armored all-terrain vehicles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Before the war, the man was a successful businessman.

APU received all-terrain vehicles / photo facebook.com/TerritorialDefenseForces

A Ukrainian soldier with the call sign “Mountain” together with his partners purchased Pinzgauer armored all-terrain vehicles for the Armed Forces.

This is reported by the Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as reported by Violetta Orlova from unian.net.

Before the war, Gora was a successful entrepreneur. After the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, the man went to defend Ukraine, supporting the army financially.

“All my help to the Ukrainian army is anonymous so that no one knows my last name or sees my face. I do my job, what I have to do in such times. I will be where my help is needed most. I know and understand all needs. After the victory I will definitely reveal myself,” he said.

This time Gora and its partners donated 2009 Pinzgauer armored vehicles to the needs of the army. These are multi-purpose military jeeps that can work both as tractors, and as medical vehicles, and as vehicles for deep reconnaissance, support, and communications.

“One such is dozens, or even hundreds of preserved lives. We are grateful for this powerful support,” the Terroboron noted.

Recall that earlier Andrey Grushko, a resident of the Kherson region, stole an enemy URAL to help the Ukrainian defenders.

All-terrain vehicle Pinzgauer / photo facebook.com/TerritorialDefenseForces

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