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EventsThree soldiers fainted in front of St. Paul's Cathedral, one as Harry...

Three soldiers fainted in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral, one as Harry and Megan entered

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

Second, on the arrival of Prince Charles

Three soldiers fainted at different times in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London during the thanksgiving service in honor of Elizabeth II and her 70-year rule, the Daily Mail reported.

A soldier in the Queen’s Guard fainted when Megan and Harry entered, another collapsed when Prince Charles, who represented the Queen, arrived because she was too tired to attend. It is not specified for the third. One soldier was taken away and another gathered and continued to stand.

Harry and Megan joined the royal family for the second day of the anniversary celebrations.

Harry and Megan also attended the Trooping the Color festivities yesterday, but stayed out of the spotlight at the former Duke of Wellington’s former office with more than 30 other relatives.

Earlier today, Omid Scoby, author of Finding Freedom, told BBC Breakfast that Harry and his wife hoped to remain as inconspicuous as possible during their stay in the United Kingdom.

He also commented that the couple has a “warm and close” relationship with the queen.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace told CNN today that the Queen will watch the Thanksgiving service on television from Windsor Castle. Her son, Prince Andrew, was another notable absence from the church because he tested positive for coronavirus.

Megan and Harry were warmly greeted by the applauding crowd. Prior to the event, there was much speculation in the British press about how the couple would be accepted after their decision to retire from the royal family and move to California two years ago.

The public was less enthusiastic about British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was both applauded and booed when he arrived with his wife, Carrie.

The last guests to land at St. Paul’s were Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, followed by Crown Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

More than 400 people from all four nations of the United Kingdom were invited to the event. London Mayor Sadiq Khan was among those present.

Harry and Megan were sitting in the second row, along with Princesses Eugene and Beatrice, Prince Andrew’s daughters, and their husbands.

William and Harry, with their wives, were housed at both ends of the room, so the Daily Mail came out with the headline, “Reunited … but apart.”

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