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HealthShock in the United States after the abolition of almost 50 years...

Shock in the United States after the abolition of almost 50 years of constitutional right to abortion

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Thousands took to the streets, dissatisfied with the court’s decision

From street protests to social media protests. The United States is in shock after the repeal of a woman’s nearly 50-year constitutional right to terminate her pregnancy. Tennessee is expected to declare abortions illegal in the coming days, followed by others.

Companies such as Amazon, Meta and Walt Disney have announced they will provide financial assistance to their employees who would have to go to another state for the procedure. Meanwhile, a poll shows that most Americans support the right to abortion.

Thousands took to the streets, dissatisfied with the court’s decision.

On Twitter, hundreds compared the situation to Margaret Atwood’s anti-utopian novel The Maid’s Tale, which tells the story of America without women’s rights.

“It turns out that ‘1984’ and ‘The Maid’s Story’ are not anti-utopian literature. They are prophecies.”

Horror author Stephen King also commented: “This is the best Supreme Court the nineteenth century has produced.”

The reversal of the Row v. Wade ruling, which guaranteed the right to refuse pregnancy, leaves it up to each state to decide what legislation to impose. In South Dakota, for example, an abortion ban is being activated, even for rape and incest.

“What I would say is that this was great news in defense of life, every life is precious,” said Christy Noem, governor of South Dakota.

Democratic state governors have begun passing additional legislation to guarantee the right to abortion.

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