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EconomyNot only El Al: low-cost airlines cancel hundreds of flights a day

Not only El Al: low-cost airlines cancel hundreds of flights a day

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Chaos in the sphere of air transportation has also affected Israel, disrupting the plans of thousands of passengers

If you are going abroad this summer, you should not count on the fact that the trip will go according to plan. It may have to be cancelled. The chaos that has engulfed Ben Gurion Airport due to a labor conflict between pilots and the administration of the El Al airline is nothing compared to what could begin in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile in the world

In Europe and North America, low-cost airlines are canceling flights due to labor shortages. Demand for tickets has returned to pre-crisis levels, and there is no one to operate and service flights. This is not about isolated cases, but about the cancellation of several hundred flights a day.

Just last week, the British company EasyJet canceled 200 flights on European routes. Thousands of passengers are stuck at airports. Global chaos has also affected Israel: the Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air canceled the next flights on the London-Tel Aviv route, which is very popular.

Tickets to nowhere

Israelis literally every minute report on social networks about the sudden cancellation of flights of foreign airlines. “I just got a notification that my flight has been cancelled. Please help me contact Wizz Air,” writes one passenger. Another calls for no more contact with budget airlines. And such messages in just one day – hundreds, if not thousands. The reason is known to everyone: low-cost airlines sell tickets smartly, but cannot fulfill their obligations to passengers due to a lack of staff.

Pandemonium at London Gatwick Airport (Photo: EPA)

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