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AfricaMorocco Education Minister Outlines Development Strategy for Sport, School Sport

Morocco Education Minister Outlines Development Strategy for Sport, School Sport

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MOROCCO, June 23 – The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, presented, Wednesday in the House of Representatives (lower house), the main lines of the strategy for the development of sport and school sport.

At a meeting of the Committee on Education, Culture and Communication, devoted to the review of areas of sport and school sport, the Minister reviewed the efforts made and future projects for the development of these areas.

Benmoussa noted that this strategy includes axes related to high-level sport, the relationship with sports federations, the ‘Sport pour tous’ (Sport for All) program, school sport, the development project of school sport, the program of school sports activity, sports infrastructure, the phenomenon of violence in stadiums, as well as the fight against doping in Morocco.

With regard to high-level sport, Benmoussa said that it aims to expand the base of practitioners annually, the creation of new sports associations in compliance with the principle of representativeness across the Kingdom

It also aims to develop basic sport and competitiveness at national level, diversify and expand sport practice, taking into account gender approach and spatial justice principle, to achieve performances at the level of continental and international participation, and to establish training programs to present a suitable sports product.

On the other hand, the Minister noted that the sports federations are an essential partner of the Ministry in the management of high performance sport, adding that the relationship with these institutions is governed by a conventional framework, based primarily on the accompaniment, support, monitoring, guidance and control.

He also noted that the federations are supported by agreements of objectives that will be signed to this end and contain a set of commitments and duties for the federations and the Ministry.

In this regard, he added that agreements will be signed with the National Olympic Committee, and this in the context of preparations and training courses conducted by sports federations to participate in international sporting events, especially the Olympic Games, the World Championships and the African Championships.

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