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Jobs for Ukrainians in Poland: there are more vacancies, but there are conditions

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In Poland, with the beginning of the summer season, the number of vacancies for refugees has increased. However, at the same time, Ukrainian women, and we are talking mainly about women, will have to learn new skills. New seasonal work for Ukrainians was previously designed mainly for men. However, the war in Ukraine has made its own adjustments: now there is an excess of requests from women on the Polish labor market.

About who Ukrainian women who want to find work in Poland will have to retrain as, was told in the analytical center for employment Gremi Personal.

As it turned out, with the beginning of the summer in Poland, there were much more vacancies. However, most of these jobs require remarkable physical strength, and therefore are designed for the most part for men. At the same time, the vast majority of Ukrainian refugees are now women.

Therefore, in Poland, more and more often they began to offer women to get a “man’s job.” Of course, if it does not require extreme muscle tension and great physical endurance. In particular, the logistics industry was one of the first to actively use Ukrainian women. So, in some warehouses, they even reduced the size of the packages so that women could turn them around.

At some enterprises, the work of operators on a forklift is extremely scarce. Therefore, they even organized special courses to train women in this specialty.

In addition, the active season of harvesting at meat processing plants and fish factories has begun. Previously, these jobs were predominantly men. However, this year they also take women. Moreover, in many enterprises, the work schedule for women with children is adapted in such a way that the mother has time to raise children.

Recall that Poland from June 1 stops paying benefits to refugees from Ukraine. Help will be left only for a small part of Ukrainians.

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