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NewsEuARe2022 : "New Religious Movements in the Italian socio-juridical context" 21 Jun...

EuARe2022 : “New Religious Movements in the Italian socio-juridical context” 21 Jun 13:30h

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Italy is a multicultural and multi-religious country. Over the years both the number and the
visibility of religious organizations present on the national territory have grown exponentially.

This event will take place tomorrow jun 21st 13:30h to 15:30, at Plesso Belmeloro, Via Andreatta, 8 | Aula N, in Bologna, as part of the hundreds of conferences organized by the European Academy of Religion.

Chair: Antonio Fuccillo (Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”)


  • Germana Carobene (Università di Napoli Federico II), Reflections on the new religious movements in Italy
  • Fabrizio D’Agostino (C.S.I.), Church of Scienntology and the Italian legal system
  • Gianfranco Macrì (Università di Salerno), A new governance of religious freedom in Italy is needed
  • Guido Morisco (Comunità bahá’í d’Italia), Italian Baha’í Community in the Italian legal context
  • Giancarlo Anello (Università di Parma), Defining Religion(s) by Legal Terms: A View from the Eastern World
  • Vincenzo Di Ieso (Chiesa Taoista d’Italia), Enculturation of Religious Identity: Dialogue between Faith and State

Therefore it is necessary to reserve a correct legal treatment, not only to religious denominations with well-established socio-anthropological traditions, but also in favor of recently established religious movements.

Hence the need to reverse the angle of observation, enhancing the point of view, beliefs and values of the religious actors involved in the most recent institutionalization processes in the Italian legal system in an emic perspective.

The panel assuming this particular perspective of analysis, will therefore host a multi-voiced dialogue between representatives of religious groups and jurists on the subject of organizational autonomy and the modalities for regulating relations between the State and religious confessions.

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