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NewsCommittee prepares for worship life at CEC upcoming assembly

Committee prepares for worship life at CEC upcoming assembly

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Worship will be a significant element at the 2023 CEC General Assembly. A moment of prayer, reflection and fellowship for the European churches. To prepare for worship services at the assembly, members of the CEC Assembly Worship Committee met in Tallinn.

The General Assembly of CEC will be held from 14 – 20 June 2023 in Tallinn, Estonia, exploring the theme “Under God’s blessing – shaping the future”.

At their meeting, the CEC Assembly Worship Committee developed creative proposals and ideas for worship experience for the assembly as well as for Tallinn’s local churches.

“Worship life at ecumenical assemblies is the cornerstone of shared fellowship,” said CEC General Secretary Dr Jørgen Skov Sørensen. “I have no doubt the committee will lay the foundation for a spiritually rich and visually magnificent worship life at the CEC Assembly. I thank them for their commitment.”

The committee members are Rev. Sabine Udodesku of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Irene Grassi of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Italy, Fr Mattias Madis Palli of the Estonian Apostolic Orthodox Church, Sigrid Põld of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Stefan Zeljkovic of the Serbian Orthodox Church and Samuel Williams of the Church of England.

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