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CharitiesUkrainian refugees are actively leaving Bulgaria

Ukrainian refugees are actively leaving Bulgaria

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Ukrainians who leave Bulgaria are more than those who enter the country. This was said to the Bulgarian National Radio by Mariana Tosheva, chairwoman of the State Agency for Refugees. She said there was no information on whether refugees were choosing other EU countries or returning home. According to her, the situation is dynamic and this is not only in Bulgaria, but in all countries.

“Yesterday, 2,441 people entered our country 24 hours a day, but 2,792 left. This process has been observed for a week. The number of those leaving the country remains higher than those entering Bulgaria,” Tosheva said.

Hotels must be vacated by May 31 and Ukrainian refugees must be transported to other accommodation. Currently, more than 63,000 Ukrainians are accommodated in hotels. More than 33,000 are confirmed accommodation in municipal departments. Some Ukrainians they have stated that they want to leave the country, another part is available for free rent or go to relatives and acquaintances “, she explained. According to her, half of these 63,000 people will not stay in Bulgaria.

Tosheva stressed that the program for accommodation of refugees in hotels with state aid was previously agreed to end by May 31.

“The measure is provided with financial resources and was announced as temporary. From June 1 we enter the phase of integration – these people had time to orient themselves, to say if they would work and what. If a hotelier decides that at his own expense he can shelter Ukrainian citizens, the decision is individual, “she added.

According to her, the concerns of Ukrainians are understandable, but no one will be left on the street. “Ukrainian citizens are actively looking for work. We have a special approach to people from vulnerable groups – the elderly, the sick, mothers with many children. are the possibilities of the respective settlement to be accommodated … 70% want to start work immediately, 17% would start in a period of 1 to 6. Over 60% are people with higher education, about 30% are people with secondary special education “, Tosheva continued.

The measure to accommodate Ukrainians in hotels will not continue after the end of May. The integration of war refugees into the host society is already a priority. This was confirmed by the head of the agency for

More than 103,000 people have temporary protection status. About 90 children are in kindergartens in the country, over 500 Ukrainians are in Bulgarian schools. The centers where mothers will be able to leave their children during the day will be clear from the beginning of the new week.

The relocation of Ukrainian refugees to state and municipal bases after May 31 could turn into a fiasco. To date, the state has managed to secure 33,000 seats in state and

Less than 1/3 of the money that the European Union has allocated to support Ukrainian refugees in our country will actually be directed to these refugees. This was announced by the Deputy Prime Minister for Effective Governance

What kind of work do Ukrainians find in Bulgaria?

Tourism, trade and the garment industry are the areas in which most Ukrainian citizens who escaped the war in Bulgaria have started working, bTV reports, citing a report from the Employment Agency. In most cases, refugees occupy positions for which there have been no other candidates for years. They have the greatest desire to work as office secretaries, administrators in hotels, maids, as well as in restaurants and entertainment or vendors.

More than half of the candidates are from Ukraine. On average – about a third. And only 3% – with basic. 70 percent of Ukrainians are ready to start work in regular shifts immediately, and 9% – if there is someone to take care of their children. Ukrainians and members of their families with temporary protection can work in our country without a permit.

Nastya, for example, was an assistant educator at a kindergarten in Odessa. Now she has found a job in a sewing workshop in Burgas, and her 16-year-old son is taking care of her sister, who is 7. “I am here alone with two children, I have to feed them. I went to the Labor Office and they immediately found me a job. “I came and they took me,” the woman said. Four Ukrainian women work in the workshop. “These 4 positions have been vacant for 3 years. We have placed advertisements on all sorts of platforms – both paid and free, people just don’t come,” said Vasil Todorov of the sewing workshop.

However, only 9 refugees are employed through the Labor Office in Burgas. Most are waiting. “I want to work so that I do not depend financially on anyone and to arrange my life to some extent. But what if they want to relocate us? I do not know where I will go, which makes finding a job impossible,” said Nadezhda from Mariupol.

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