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DefenseThe US Congress has tackled UFOs

The US Congress has tackled UFOs

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Intelligence officials will explain strange phenomena

The US federal government has taken the case of UFO sightings on Earth seriously and wants to know what these phenomena are and what their nature is. Representatives of the American intelligence have been invited to the US Congress, who will testify next week about what they know about this issue. This is the first meeting of its kind in more than 50 years, reports Express. “This will allow the public to hear directly from experts and intelligence officials about what is one of the greatest mysteries of our time,” said Adam Schiff, a congressman with the US Democratic Party and chairman of the Intelligence Committee. of the House of Representatives.

144 cases of UFO sightings

In 2021, the director of the US National Intelligence Service, Avril Haynes, published a report covering UFO sightings from 2004. The report states that 144 such cases have been documented. But only one of these UFO sightings can be explained by US Air Force pilots.

The report does not rule out the possibility that Russia or China have developed some advanced technology to explain the observations. Moreover, these phenomena are definitely not related to the testing of American military equipment. The report also includes descriptions of UFO sightings near US military training bases. That is why all these cases are attracting more and more attention from American politicians and the Pentagon.

Pentagon Special Forces

Last year, the Pentagon announced the creation of a new unit within the US Department of Defense to investigate data on unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The AOIMSG will focus on the detection, identification and attribution of sites of special interest in airspace, which includes military operations areas and ranges. In such areas, UFOs pose a potential threat to military pilots and national security. “UFO sightings are a very important issue. We strive to be as open as possible to the American people,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Roswell and UFOs in Zimbabwe

The most famous UFO incident to date is the Roswell incident or the UFO crash in Roswell. This event took place in 1947 in the state of New Mexico, when an unidentified flying object crashed. Although the U.S. military says it is a balloon crash, conspiracy theorists believe the alien ship arrived on Earth with aliens.

Another high-profile event was the massive UFO sighting in Zimbabwe in 1994. At the time, 62 students from a local school between the ages of 6 and 12 watched a UFO fly in the sky and even said the object had landed and had contact with aliens. . But not all the children who went to school that day said they saw anything. Many skeptics in the scientific community at the time said it was a phenomenon of mass hysteria.

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