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InternationalThe pandemic of deaths of Russian managers continues

The pandemic of deaths of Russian managers continues

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A former Lukoil boss has been found dead

Alexander Subotin was found in a room used for voodoo rituals

A former manager of the Russian oil company Lukoil has been found dead on May 8 in the town of Mytishchi near Moscow. The cause of death is believed to be a stroke, TASS reported.

The owner of the property where the businessman’s body was found is Alexei Pindyurin – also known as “the shaman of Magua”. The former Lukoil manager has reportedly visited the shaman several times to take advantage of his non-traditional treatment services. This time Subotin went to him to help him with a hangover.

Pindyurin says the businessman “came to him in a state of severe alcohol and drug intoxication”. Subotin’s body was found in a room “used for Jamaican voodoo rituals”.

Alexander Subotin is a former member of the board of Lukoil Trading House and owner of Nova Transport Company, and is a brother of Valeri Subotin, a former vice president of oil supply and sales at Lukoil.

This is another news about the death of a Russian businessman. Since the beginning of 2022, various employees of the gas companies Novatek and Gazprom have been found dead. In each case, the main version of the investigators is suicide.

In April, it became clear about the death of former Novatek manager Sergei Protosenya, as well as former Gazprombank vice president Vladislav Avaev. Earlier, other executives were found dead in Russia, including Gazprom Invest’s transport chief Leonid Shulman and Alexander Tyulyakov, deputy general director of Gazprom’s corporate security center.

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