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InternationalThe incidents that have caused so many airport inspections

The incidents that have caused so many airport inspections

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Why should you take off your shoes, take your laptop out of your hand luggage and not carry more than 100 ml of liquids?

Anyone who has traveled by plane at least once knows that when passing the security check he must carry liquids up to 100 ml, placed in a separate transparent envelope, remove all electronic devices from hand luggage, do not carry knives. and axes, go through a scanner and take off your shoes …

There are many procedures and they get used to them over time, but few know why they were introduced.

There is a reason for each of the rules you must follow before boarding a plane.

See what are the specific reasons for their introduction.

Why do you have to take off your shoes at the airport?

One particular person is responsible for this – his name is Richard Colvin Reid, but he is better known as the Shoemaker. In 2001, he underwent a security check with shoes whose hollow soles were stuffed with explosives. A miracle saved the plane en route from Paris to Miami from an explosion in the air, and after the plan for a terrorist act became known, all American airports introduced a requirement for passengers to undress during the check-in. This measure is gradually becoming part of the procedure at many other airports around the world.

Why can’t you carry more than 100 ml of liquids in your hand luggage?

In 2006, British police uncovered a plan to detonate ten flights from London to the United States and Canada, with explosives disguised as soft drinks.

After this case, for a short time all types of liquids, gels and aerosols are prohibited in the cabin of the aircraft. After a few months it became clear that liquids up to 100 ml would not be enough to cause serious damage to the aircraft in the air and so the restriction is as we know it today – no more than 1 liter of liquid, but divided into packages of no more than 100 Jr.

With the introduction of new technologies at airports, this rule may soon go down in history. An airport in Ireland has already become the first in the world to cancel it.

Why do you need to take your laptop and other large electronic devices out of your luggage?

In 1988, a Pan Am flight exploded, killing 270 passengers and 16 crew members after terrorists managed to hide a bomb in a tape recorder. After this case, the authorities began to place X-rays at airports, but the rule to remove laptops from hand luggage comes after September 11. Security officials worry that explosive devices could be hidden in solid laptops that machines can’t scan well.

Why is it forbidden to carry knives and sharp objects inside?

The ban on carrying knives on board sounds somewhat logical, but depending on the specific airport, you can even take a nail file from your hand luggage (if it is considered a sharp object).

In fact, this rule was introduced immediately after the 9/11 attacks. As they pass through the scanner, some of the assailants carrying knives set off their alarm, but after a manual search with a metal detector, they are released. At that time, even if the security officers found the knives, they had no right to seize them, because according to the rules of the time, it was allowed to import knives up to 10 cm.

Today you can fly with knives, but they must be in your checked baggage.

Why is the departure area only accessible to people with a ticket?

This is another rule that is the result of the 9/11 attacks. Its goal is to keep as few people as possible close to the plane, especially those who could be a threat.

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