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DefenseLook at the "silent" drone with a new generation of ion propulsion

Look at the “silent” drone with a new generation of ion propulsion

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The Ventus drone ionizes the air to create lift without moving engines.

Florida-based Undefined Technologies has unveiled the next generation of its “silent” commercial drone, which uses an ion engine instead of propellers. Two flight tests have already been carried out. The project received funding of about $2 million.

In the frames below you can see a new prototype in the air. However, the video is edited, so it is impossible to check the exact duration of the flight. At the same time, it cannot be called 100% silent. However, Undefined Technologies says it will be quiet compared to current propeller-driven drones.

The design of the model is very different from previous prototypes.

The last prototype flew for about 25 seconds and produced about 90 decibels of noise. Representatives of Undefined Technologies claim that the new Ventus drone flew for about two and a half minutes, and the noise figure dropped to 85 decibels. The end goal is around 70 decibels, or about the same as the DJI Mavic. But they want to implement the idea in a larger airframe with some carrying capacity.

Silent Ventus is a prime example of our intention to create a sustainable, progressive and less noisy urban environment.

Thomas Prybanik, Founder and CEO of Undefined Technologies

It is not yet clear how the company plans to continue to reduce noise levels on a device that no longer has moving parts in the power plant. At this stage, the company also makes no promises regarding range or endurance. The Ventus drone itself ionizes the air to create lift without moving engines.

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