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DefenseIran blames Israel for the deaths of prominent scientists, politicians and government...

Iran blames Israel for the deaths of prominent scientists, politicians and government officials

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The Zionists’ Bloody Footprints: Are Israel and the United States Really Behind These Murders?

Here they are since 2010

A number of high-ranking Iranian scientists, politicians and security forces have been killed in the past ten years with precision strikes, most of which are believed to be Israel.

Iran has accused the Zionists of killing on May 22 in Tehran

Sayad Hodai, Colonel of the Guards of the Revolution – Elite Troops of the Islamic Republic. In official Iranian rhetoric, the term “Zionists” refers to Israelis, and sometimes to countries and individuals who support the Jewish state.

Masood Ali Mohammadi

On January 12, 2010, Masoud Ali Mohammadi, a professor of nuclear physics, was killed when a motorcycle bomb exploded while leaving his home in Tehran. Iranian leaders and official media have been quick to blame Israeli and US intelligence for the assassination of the authoritative physicist.

In December 2009, Tehran had already accused the United States and Israel of kidnapping nuclear physicist Shahram Amiri, who went missing in May of that year.

Majid Shahriyari

On November 29, 2010, Majid Shahriyari, founder of the Iranian Nuclear Society, in charge of one of the large-scale projects of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization (IOAE), was killed in Tehran by a bomb planted near his car.

The same day, another nuclear physicist, Fereydun Abasi Davani, was injured in an assassination attempt in similar conditions.

Iran has accused Israeli and US intelligence services of being behind the crimes.

Dariusz Rezai-Nejad

On July 23, 2011, scientist Dariusz Rezai-Nejad was shot dead in Tehran by unknown assailants on a motorcycle.

Iran has blamed Israel and the United States.

Iranian media initially portrayed the deceased as a nuclear physics specialist who worked in particular for the IAEA and the Ministry of Defense. Then they just called him an “electrical engineering student.”

Hassan Mogadam

On November 12, 2011, an explosion at an Revolutionary Guards ammunition depot near Tehran killed at least 36 people, including General Hassan Mogadam, who was in charge of their Corps ‘(Pasdaran) Corps’ weapons programs. According to the Los Angeles Times, many former US intelligence and experts believe the blast was part of a US-Israeli operation.

Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan

On January 11, 2012, scientist Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, who worked at the Natanz site, was killed in an explosion of an explosive device attached to his car by a magnet near the Alameh Tabatabay University in eastern Tehran.

Iran has again blamed the United States and Israel.

Kasem Soleimani

On January 3, 2020, the influential General Kasem Soleimani, who developed Iran’s strategy for the Middle East, was killed in a US drone strike in Baghdad. He commanded the Quds Forces, a unit tasked with special operations by the Guards of the Revolution.

Mohsen Fahrizade

On November 27, 2020, nuclear physicist Mohsen Fahrizade was killed near Tehran in an attack on his convoy.

After his death, he was introduced as Deputy Minister of Defense and head of the Defense Research and Innovation Organization (SEPAND), which contributed in particular to the country’s “nuclear defense”.

Iran has accused Israel of ordering the Tehran bombing with various devices, including a satellite-controlled machine gun.

Sayad Hodai

On May 22, 2022, Sayad Hodai of the Quds Forces was shot dead by two motorcyclists in Tehran as he was entering his home, according to official media reports.

The Revolutionary Guards blamed his assassination on “the most vicious Zionists,” a few days after Israel said, according to the New York Times, that the United States was responsible for the assassination.

Source: BTA

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