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EconomyBulgaria: Expensive gas and labor shortages hamper rose oil production

Bulgaria: Expensive gas and labor shortages hamper rose oil production

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Expensive gas and labor shortages hamper rose oil production.

Most of the distilleries in our country use blue fuel in the production of rose oil. Gas is a significant pricing factor in rose oil, Metodi Stefanov, a producer of essential oils, told Bulgarian National Radio. “After the price of color, fuel is the second factor that determines the price of rose oil. The price for the processing of rose oil will jump three times, “he said.

At the same time, the labor problem is getting worse. Farmers whose plantations are in the Brezovo area have complained that they may not be able to find pickers. The workforce has decreased, as picking up rose leafs is labor-intensive, and the gardens are entered at dawn. That is why the workers are trying to twist the hands of the producers and this year they want BGN 1.50 per kilogram. “It’s an unrealistically high price. There is no way we can give it to them “, say the rose growers.

At the moment, they hope that the purchase price will not be less than BGN 3 per kilogram. However, even it is low to cover all costs if they have to give half to the pickers.

The rose picking in Bulgaria is late, it will start after May 20. “Because of the bad weather, roses grow more slowly. We expect the campaign to be shorter this year as well “, explained the owners of pink massifs. According to them, the harvest of an oil-bearing rose will begin after May 20, and the mass picking – at the earliest on May 25.

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