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AfricaCoins with Cleopatra and ritual room found in Egypt

Coins with Cleopatra and ritual room found in Egypt

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Ancient treasures. Coins with Cleopatra and ritual room found in Egypt

Archaeologists discovered these stunning finds while searching for the remains of a vast Roman-era complex.

During a recent excavation at a site west of Alexandria, an Egyptian port city on the Mediterranean coast, a team of Egyptologists unearthed a huge Roman-era complex, including evidence of an ancient pottery workshop with the remains of rounded vessels, coins, figurines and even a ritual room.

The site dates back to the Roman period of Egyptian history, which began around 30 BC, but there is also evidence that indicates its use in the later Byzantine period.

Also found at the site were two burials, including a pregnant woman, which are believed to date back to the late Middle Ages.

In addition, the team came across a group of 13 limestone rooms, including a room for worship. According to researchers, they were built during the reign of the Ptolemies. Inside the rooms were found several bizarre animal bones belonging to pigs, sheep, goats and fish, as well as clay containers with animal remains, which are believed to have been used as storage.

On the floor were a large number of coins with images of Alexander the Great, the Greek god Zeus and the last Egyptian queen Cleopatra, one of the most famous pharaohs. Archaeologists have carefully searched for evidence near the center of Alexandria, where she was born and ruled. However, her tomb was never found for 2,000 years after her death. Many believe that her remains were destroyed by a powerful earthquake that hit the coast of Greece in 365 AD.

Recall that in April of this year, an amphora workshop was also discovered in Egypt, which contained various artifacts, including stoves, a large number of coins, terracotta statues and a boat anchor.

Photo: A team of Egyptologists have unearthed a huge Roman-era complex, including evidence of an ancient pottery workshop with remnants of rounded vessels, coins, statuettes and even a ritual room

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