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EuropeChampions League - Vini Jr.: “Real Madrid players are used to winning...

Champions League – Vini Jr.: “Real Madrid players are used to winning things”

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RM. Real Madrid secured the club’s 14th European Cup crown after seeing off Liverpool in the final. Vini Jr., who hit the winner, commented: “You can’t put it into words. It’s now time to celebrate it and really enjoy it. We’ve worked hard all season. It’s incredible to have reached this stage after having enjoyed so many tough times. There’s nothing better than winning things in this shirt. It’s a dream come true for me to be here and winning the Champions League. When you’re a player, it doesn’t get any more exciting than this.”

Desire to win silverware

Real Madrid players are used to winning things. This is my first Champions League triumph and I’m so happy. I want to keep on winning much more and rewrite the history books at this club.”

Casemiro: “We know how tough it’s been and how hard we’ve worked”

“We know just how tough it has been and how hard we’ve all worked. You can’t put it into words and we’re really enjoying this. Every Champions League campaign is really difficult and we were aware of that. You often can’t believe that you’ve won it again, but this is now our fifth.”
“We, along with our supporters and those who are close to us, know just how tough it has been. We’ve all worked together. There are often no words when it comes to celebrating this. We’re happy and are really enjoying ourselves.”

“You often can’t believe that you’ve won it again, but this is now our fifth,” .


What does it take to win the Champions League?

“Every game is so tough, only we know how hard it is to win all of this. This year was perhaps even harder still, but they all are really”.
Feelings on taking to the pitch

“The fans are the most beautiful thing in football. The organisation could have been better. If a kick-off time is set, we have to adhere to it. People’s health and safety comes first but you have to stick to the scheduled time. If we’re professionals, the Champions League should be as well”.
Rodrygo: “It’s a very special day, I’m so happy”

“I wanted to win the Champions League here but I never imagined it would be like this. It’s such a special day, I’m so happy. It’s much better when you win it having played and done something for the team”.

“In the meetings with Paris, Chelsea and City when I came on, the game changed. They’re nights I can’t possibly describe. To have come on today and enjoyed some game time is incredible. Courtois won the game for us, and Vini too. I go away with the national team now, if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t sleep for the entire holidays”.

Pre-match preparation

“I tried to sleep during the afternoon, but I kept waking up. It’s been a very difficult day, but we’re all in the same situation. When we’re like this, we know goods things are on their way. We’re delighted about it”.

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