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A new Chinese electric truck has not only a shower but also a washing machine on board

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

The work of the circulation is filled with all sorts of inconveniences. This is the possibility to bathe only in special places in the parking lots, and the difficulties with preparing hot food, which is why truck drivers almost constantly eat in dubious places, and quite uncomfortable bed in the cabin, if it can be called at all such.

The new truck from the Chinese car company Geely can solve these problems.

The Chinese manufacturer presented a competitor to the Tesla Semi truck. It is a model with a built-in kitchen, shower and even a bedroom. According to Geely, Homtruck, who was recently introduced to the world, is called to become “the tug in which you feel at home.” Hence the name of the truck.

The car is filled to the brim with all sorts of amenities that will make traveling for truck drivers much more comfortable.

Traditionally, there is a bed, but as for its amenities, you can talk for an hour. The sleek cab of the new Homtruck looks like a machine that came to us from a very distant future.

The truck is equipped with everything you need. Inside there is a shower cabin with toilet and sink. There is also a bed and a glass roof through which you can observe the starry sky or raindrops.

Homtruck is also equipped with a kitchenette. In it one can prepare a hot dinner and never eat dried sandwiches of dubious quality again.

The truck even has a kettle for hot water and a refrigerator, which means that one can stock up on food for a few days. A small washing machine is hidden behind a hatch on the other side of the truck. The driver’s cab is also more comfortable. In this model it is made of durable plastic, soft to the touch fabric and bamboo.

A futuristic video was used for the presentation of the truck. It was shared by the manufacturer Geely.

The video shows the truck driver drinking all the way to a bamboo seat while the truck is driving alone, yet the autopilot system is on.

Geely officials say Homtruck can transport goods autonomously.


Homtruck will come with several different powertrain options, including an all-electric and hybrid version

The electric version will use the technology to replace the batteries, so the driver will be able to “charge” the truck in minutes.

This means that instead of turning it on and waiting for a long time, the driver will stop at a special station and put fully charged batteries. Like Tesla, Homtruck will also be able to receive updates online.

He will also be able to analyze traffic, recommend routes, inform the driver when to load and connect to online platforms for tracking deliveries.

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