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InternationalWhat reveals the length of the fingers in women

What reveals the length of the fingers in women

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Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny
Gaston de Persigny - Reporter at The European Times News

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Here’s how we can tell if a woman is physically stronger than another

Women whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger may be stronger, according to a new study cited by the Daily Mail. The researchers looked at the relationship between the two fingers and how it relates to muscle strength.

If you have a shorter index, this has already been linked by scientists to higher exposure to testosterone in the womb.

In scientific experiments, women with a shorter index than the ring finger had a stronger grip than women with a longer index finger than the ring finger. The new study was conducted by scientists from the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of Vienna, Austria and published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

What your fingers say about your skills

The team measured the ratio of finger length and grip strength of 125 healthy women aged 19 to 31 from a remote region in Austria. Grip strength was measured using a dynamometer (silometer), a handle device that is often used for routine medical screening of patients’ grip strength. Meanwhile, finger length ratios were measured using an A4 mobile scanner.


researchers have found a “clear link” between the later index and the grip strength of women.

In other words, a longer ring finger than the index finger (and therefore more prenatal testosterone exposure in the womb) is positively related to grip strength and therefore to how good a woman’s muscles are.

How to measure your index finger?

To measure your index finger, straighten it and look at the palm of your hand. There are probably wrinkles at the base of your index finger and ring finger. Your index finger probably has a crease and your ring finger has a band of creases.

Choose the crease that is closest to the palm and choose a point of the crease in the middle of the base of the finger. Mark it with a pen. Measure it from the mark to the tip of your finger.

What reveals the length of women’s fingers for the career

Women whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger are suitable for “male” professions, such as lawyer or industry manager

The profession that a woman chooses is determined by the length of her fingers, the Daily Mail reported, citing the results of a new study.

Women whose index finger is shorter than the ring finger are suitable for “male” professions, such as lawyer or industry manager. Those with a longer index are more suitable for stereotypically female professions – such as nurses or primary school teachers.

The ratio of the length of the fingers is due to the amount of the male hormone testosterone to which the fetus is exposed in the uterus. It is known that those exposed to more prenatal testosterone are more often self-confident, aggressive, prone to risks.

For the study, researchers from the National Research University of Russia, led by Prof. John Nai, analyzed data on 1,500 men and women. They found significant differences in the ratio between the two fingers only in women, and mainly for the left hand.

Ladies with a shorter index who were exposed to more testosterone before giving birth are known to be more confident and at risk. However, whether this determines the choice of profession or cultural norms is uncertain. That is why it is important to do such research in different countries with different ethnic groups, explained Prof. Nai.

A study by researchers at the University of Oxford, published last week, found that the ratio of the index finger and ring finger may indicate a tendency to infidelity.

People with approximately equal lengths of two fingers are more faithful in love, while those with a longer ring finger are more likely to cheat.

Men with the same length of thumb and forefinger are usually more attentive to women, a team from McGill University in Canada found. If the ring finger is longer, they are more likely to be quarrelsome, stubborn and rude.

Source: Daily Mail

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