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InternationalVictims of the crypto queen Ruzha from the USA are suing Bulgaria...

Victims of the crypto queen Ruzha from the USA are suing Bulgaria for 20 billion dollars

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People from different Bulgarian governments have also taken part in the biggest financial pyramid in history, according to one of their lawyers.

Victims of crypto queen Ruzha Ignatova, who lured thousands with her OneCoin pyramid, want to sue Bulgaria for $ 20 billion. This is clear from documents submitted by one of the lawyers of the victims, Dr. Jonathan Levy, who is authorized to represent a large part of the people who lost their money in the scheme of the Bulgarian Ignatova, writes BG VOICE.

According to the lawsuit, Bulgaria has done nothing to prevent fraud, which has led to huge losses for investors. To date, they are estimated at $ 20 billion.

Dr. Levy also addressed the Ombudsman of Bulgaria. So far, however, there is no procedure before any court in the country and abroad on the complaint of Dr. Levy.

Dr. Levy claims that OneCoin is the largest financial pyramid in history, and people from various Bulgarian governments have taken part in it. Proof is that no government has done what is necessary to seize the assets of Ruzha Ignatova and OneCoin. It even still had active bank accounts, real estate, and 230,000 bitcoins valued at more than $ 16 billion.

This is due to court documents quoted from the website Vitsoin.com.

Ruzha Ignatova founded Onesoin together with her brother Konstantin Ignatov in 2014. The scheme was something like a multi-level marketing network, including packages that were seemingly linked to a blockchain network. Ignatova told her “clients” and the general public that OneSoin would be the most dominant cryptocurrency and that in the end it would be.

The headquarters of the company is based in Bulgaria, but it is registered as an offshore company in Dubai.

At the end of 2016, it became public knowledge that the project had never used any type of blockchain technology. In 2017, the American law enforcement agencies issued a secret order for Ignatov’s arrest. She disappeared a little later.

Konstantin Ignatov is appealing in 2019. Since then, the lawsuits continue. U.S. officials say “the OneCoin scam has taken about $ 4 billion in victims worldwide.”

Where is Ruzha Ignatova?

The wanted Bulgarian can hide in different places. Various reports in recent years suggest that it may be located in the UAE, Greece or Russia. One of the most popular versions is the one for Dubai, as the United Arab Emirates and the United States do not share an extradition agreement.

According to the decreed court documents, the deal for the acquisition of the current 230,000 bitcoins took place in October 2017. At that time, the virtual currency traded for about 6,000 dollars.

The brother of the crypto queen Ruzha Ignatova managed to escape the impending sentence of 90 years in prison. Konstantin was detained in the United States, but is no longer one of the main defendants in the OneCoin trial, after reaching an agreement with the plaintiffs ‘investors’ lawyers.

Details of the court settlement remain unclear, but representatives of all investors who have suffered heavy financial losses from the fraud say they “do not interfere in any way” with further investigation against other defendants. It is clear from the cited documents that the process will continue to be directed at another key figure in OneCoin – Konstantin’s sister Ruzha Ignatova, who is the founder of the company considered the Ponzi Scheme, ie a financial pyramid.

While the exact reasons for settling the case are not yet clear, it is now clear that Ignatov has spoken out against his missing sister. His words became known that he provided the state government with information “about the crimes I committed and any information I had about OneCoin and its associates and the crimes committed there.”

Ignatov claims they are the work of members of his family. These were his sister and his mother Veska, who played an important role in the work of OneCoin.

Constantine himself had even hired a private investigator to find Rose, but he swears he hasn’t spoken to her since she disappeared. Months ago, he claimed, it was covered by dissatisfaction with hundreds of thousands of dollars invested by investors who realized it was a pyramid. Ignatov admitted that he lied, claiming that he had contact with his sister before he was detained. This has been going on for a long time since it has already gone underground. OneCoin customers were told that Ruza ran the business.

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